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Size chart

Check Vingino's size chart for the right size:



Want to know exactly what clothing size to order? Use the chart above to easily find out which size you need. Grab a tape measure and get measuring! To calculate your size as accurately as possible, take off your outerwear and wear only your underwear, so you can measure directly on your body. Pro tip: Ask someone to help you out – it’ll make the job even easier!


Place the tape around the top of your chest, just under your armpits. Make sure the tape isn’t pulled too tight, isn’t twisted, and both the front and back of the tape are kept nice and horizontal. Grab a mirror to see whether you’re holding the tape straight. Assume a relaxed standing posture and breathe out, so you get the most accurate size.


:Place the tape measure around the narrowest part of your stomach, just above your navel (belly button). Again, make sure the tape isn’t pulled too tight and is kept nice and straight. Breathe normally – don’t suck your belly in! Use the mirror to check whether you’re doing it right.


Place the tape measure around your hips, at the widest point. Don’t pull the tape too tight, and keep it nice and horizontal. If you want a looser fit, put your finger under the tape measure to create some extra space.


You can return your clothes free of charge within 14 days of ordering. We only accept clothing that is unused, undamaged, unwashed, and which still has its original labels attached. More information about the return procedure can be found on our website.